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Open Cell examples

Open Cell

Open cell is a softer, more flexible foam. Open cell can reach hard to reach nooks and crannies…

closed cell

Closed Cell

Closed cell is as the name suggest, completely closed. Air and moisture are unable to get inside…

Spray Polyurethane Foam

Spray Polyurethane Foam

SPF for roofing is a very effective way to insulate and weatherproof a building: new….

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Seal Tite is a family-owned business located in Bainbridge, GA serving South Georgia and surrounding areas.

Zach Brock, owner, personally supervises all jobs and is available to discuss any questions about the services the business offers. Zach has been in the Spray Foam industry since 2017.

Our services include residential and commercial, new construction and existing, attics and roofing foam and roof coating, warehouses, storage buildings, climate-controlled food facilities, cold box containers and trucks… read more

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